Andrew Crozier Celebration

Andrew Crozier Celebration


Andrew Crozier (Fielding Dawson 1975).

On May 1st 2008, the Centre for Modernist Studies hosted an event to celebrate the life and work of the poet, critic, editor, publisher, and teacher Andrew Crozier. Educated at Christ’s College, Cambridge, Crozier would go on to be a decisive force within the Cambridge School of poetry.

In 1964, he founded the independent publisher Ferry Press which promoted the first or early works of writers including J.H. Prynne, John James, Douglas Oliver, Peter Riley, John Temple, and Chris Torrance among others.

In 1967, he published Loved Litter of Time Spent, the first of many collections of his own poetry. He is credited with reigniting the writing career of the poet Carl Rakosi and with editing the anthology A Various Art alongside Tim Longville.

With Peter Riley, Crozier also founded and edited The English Intelligencer, a newsletter privately circulated between poets that ran to 36 issues between 1966 and 1968. In 2012 The Centre for Modernist Studies funded the first edition of a book bringing together some of the material contained in the newsletters (edited by Neil Pattison, Reitha Pattison, Luke Roberts). Certain Prose of The English Intelligencer is available for purchase through Mountain Press.

Crozier began his lecturing career at Essex University before moving to Keele University in the late 1960s. In 1973 he took up a lecturing post in the School of English and American Studies at the University of Sussex where he remained for the rest of his teaching career. He was made Dean of the school in the 1990s and a Professor of English in 2004. He retired in 2005 and was immediately recognised as a Visiting Research Professor. Andrew Crozier died on 3rd April 2008.

In May 2008 Peter Nicholls, founder of The Centre for Modernist Studies, organised this event to pay homage to Andrew Crozier.

Andrew Crozier 1975 Fielding Dawson

Andrew Crozier – Fielding Dawson 1975