Elizabeth Bowen and Textual Modernity

Textual Practice (Special Issue): 

Elizabeth Bowen and Textual Modernity

 Textual Practice Special Issue Bowen

Editors: Pamela Thurschwell and Siân White

In 2013 the journal Textual Practice published a special issue which grew out of the Centre for Modernist Studies’ 2009 symposium on Elizabeth Bowen.  Titled Elizabeth Bowen and Textual Modernity the special issue brings together the following articles:

  • “Introduction” – Pamela Thurschwell and Siân White
  • “Double-crossing: Elizabeth Bowen’s ghostly short fiction” – Luke Thurston
  • “Elizabeth Bowen’s war gothic” – Thomas S. Davis
  • “The form of modernist propaganda in Elizabeth Bowen’s The Heat of the Day” – Megan Faragher
  • “A reassessment of Elizabeth Bowen’s Friends and Relations: The quiet catastrophe” – Andrew Bennett and Nicholas Royle
  • “Colonial modernism’s thwarted maternity: Elizabeth Bowen’s The House in Paris and Jean Rhys’s Voyage in the Dark” – Abigail Palko
  • “Elizabeth Bowen, Howards End and the luggage of modernity” – Emily Ridge
  • “Prodigious goddesses: Ambiguous identities in the age of speed”- Céline Magot
  • “Acoustic modernism: BBC radio and The Little Girls” – Allan Hepburn
  • “‘I know it to be synthetic but it affects me strongly’: ‘Dead Mabelle’ and Bowen’s emotion pictures” – Karen Schaller