Elizabeth Bowen Symposium

 “A mixture of showing off and suspicion, nearly as bad as sex”:

Reading Elizabeth Bowen

Elizabeth_Bowen Picture
University of Sussex
May 30th 2009


Prof. Maud Ellmann and Siân White: “Intimate Aesthetics in Bowen’s Irish Novels”

Profs. Nicholas Royle and Andrew Bennett “Friends and Relations: The Quiet Catastrophe”


  • Bowen’s Style and the Short Story
  • Film and the Visual
  • War, Noise, Speed and Europe
  • Dressing, Departing, Deferring
  • Bowen’s Performances;

Speakers included:

Susan Osborn, Allan Hepburn, Jan Montefiore, Sarah Dillon, Sîan White, Ailsa Cox, Karen Schaller, Victoria Stewart, Michael McCluskey, Lara Feigel, Allan Hepburn, Stefania Porcelli, Celine Magot, Robin Feenstra, Jessica Gildersleeve, Niamh Dowdall, Vike Martina Plock, Ulrika Maude.