Grace Lake / Anna Mendelssohn Papers

Born in 1948, Anna Mendelssohn was an activist and a highly regarded avant-garde writer and artist. In 1972, she was sentenced to prison for her political activities; post prison, she was accepted to Cambridge to read English and had a family whilst studying. Among her publications are the volume Implacable Art (Folio/Equipage 2000), a series of chapbooks, predominantly with Rod Mengham’s Equipage press, and contributions to anthologies including Iain Sinclair’s Conductors of Chaos (Picador 1996).

When she died Mendelssohn left behind a vast, glorious collection of manuscripts and drawings. Dr. Sara Crangle, director of the Centre for Modernist Studies, brought the archive to Sussex in 2010 through the generous donation of Anna Mendelssohn’s family. The archive is open to the public as of September 2015 and full details are available on The Keep’s website.