Louis Zufoksky “A” -24 Symposium

sussex zuk

On 23rd January 2009 the Centre for Modernist Studies was pleased to host the UK premiere of Louis Zukofsky’s poem “A” – 24. With readings by Sean Bonney, Ken Edwards, Daniel Kane, and Francesca Beasley.  Musical arrangements and accompaniments were provided by Kerry Yong and Sarah Jane Barnes.

The event also featured poems by Mark Scroggins, Jeff Twitchell-Waas, Harry Gilonis, Tim Woods, and Jeff Hilson, and was directed by graduate student Richard Parker.

You can read Mark Scroggins blog post on the event here

Harry Gilonis listening to Jeff Twitchell-Waas

Harry Gilonis listening to Jeff Twitchel-Waas

(Photo credit – Mark Scroggins)

Event Director – Richard Parker (Sussex graduate student)