Mina Loy Symposium

Out of the welter of unclassifiable speech”:

                                       Reading Mina Loy                                      

University of Sussex

May 29th 2010

Mina Loy

This lively and informative day-long symposium on Mina Loy was sponsored by the Centre for Modernist Studies and hosted at the University of Sussex. The day included various talks, Loy’s Futurist playlets, and Collision & Cittàbapini, performed by Sussex drama students .

Keynotes: David Ayers (Kent) and Alex Goody (Oxford Brookes) 

Other speakers included:  Sandeep Parmar (NYU), Geoff Gilbert (American University of Paris), Sarah Hayden (University College Cork), Tim Freeborn (University of Western Ontario),  Natalya Lusty (University of Sydney) Nancy Gillespie (Sussex) and Elizabeth Pender (Cambridge).

Event Director – Sara Crangle.