Concert: David Jones 1916

Concert: David Jones 1916 –

The Battle of Mametz Wood by Opus Anglicanum

Saturday 14th November 2015 

Hope Wolf (University of Sussex) contributed to this evening event organised by Ditchling Museum of Art & Craft:

Opus Anglicanum’s narrator Zeb Soanes (BBC Radio 4) told the story from Part 7 of David Jones’ In Parenthesis describing the battle in which he took part. The five singers performed music of Schubert, Palestrina, soldier’s songs, and Cheryl Frances-Hoad’s In the Crypt of the Wood, inspired by David Jones’ drawing ‘Vexilla Regis’ in Kettle’s Yard.

After the concert the evening continued at the museum with drinks and a chance to see The Animals of David Jones exhibition and hear talks on David Jones by Professor Ewan Clayton and Dr Hope Wolf.