Sussex Annual Poetry Festival

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The Annual Sussex Poetry Festival was founded in 2010 by Keston Sutherland, Daniel Kane, and Sara Crangle with sponsorship from the Centre for Modernist Studies.From its beginning, the festival sought to bring together poets whose work is as stylistically diverse as it is unified by a commitment to formal experimentation and political dissent. Established poets read alongside younger voices, and the festival aims to create a space of interaction, reflection and debate for all who attend.Now in its sixth year, the Sussex Annual Poetry Festival continues to be Brighton’s most exciting annual poetry event, comprising two days and nights of readings from poets and authors both international and local.

Third Annual Sussex Poetry Festival  

8th and 9th June 2012
The Nightingale Theatre

Featured Speakers:

Lee Harwood

Elizabeth Guthrie

Niels Frank

Reem Kubba

Rich Owens

Jow Walton

Verity Spot

Drew Milne

Laura Kilbride

Sam Solomon

Peter Middleton

Dan Spicer

Julie Carr

Holly Pester

Ralph Hawkins

Linh Dinh

Directors: Michael Kindellan, Keston Sutherland, Daniel Kane

Second Annual Sussex Poetry Festival  

1st and 2nd July 201
The Nightingale Theatre

Featured Speakers:

Rod Mengham

Peter Riley

Luke Roberts

Timothy Thornton

Joe Luna

Laura Gadsden

Jenny Lindop

Amy De’Ath

Nat Raha

Ed Luker

Ian Patterson

Reitha Pattison

Simon Perril

Alistair Noon

David Marriott

Jean-Michel Espitallier (Translator – Keston Sutherland)

Peter Manson

Tom Leonard

Gwilly Edmondez

Neil Pattison

Linus Slug

Adam Weg

Simon Jarvis

Judith Goldman

Ian Patterson

Monika Rinck (Translator – Alistair Noon)

Dell Olsen

Peter Manson

Milli Graffi (Translator – Tom Raworth)

Directors: Sara Crangle, Keston Sutherland, Daniel Kane, University of Sussex & Nightingale Theatre