Craft Modernism

  • * Deadline – Sunday 28th May *

Craft Modernism

an assembly

Sussex University, 15 June 2017

We cordially invite you to come and take part in a new type of collaborative event: an assembly of thinkers and of ideas. We want to gather a group of scholars and practitioners who are interested in instances or representations of craft in modernist writing, visual art, and sound. We are open to inventive interpretations of the terms ‘craft’ and ‘modernism’. We welcome creatively imagined short presentations that will introduce an image or excerpt that the presenter will ‘speak to,’ and explain the connection to craft.

In the spirit of craft collaboration and experiment we’re adapting the typical conference model and invite talks of 10 minutes in length. The presentation time will include the time it takes to read out a quotation. After the talks there’ll be an opportunity to discuss together the material that has been assembled and what we discover by weaving these items, texts, and ideas together. We hope to discover more about the meaning of craft as a practice, a history, an aesthetic, and a politics, as we put together our ideas in this way.

 To take part please email and let us know which modernist artwork or text you’d like to share, and why by Sunday 28th May.

With best wishes from
Dr Annabel Haynes and Dr Hope Wolf,

Centre for Modernist Studies at the  School of English, University of Sussex